Why StrongFit Systems


StrongFit is an innovative training system with a Champions pedigree. It was derived from and refined by 4 times World's Strongest Man, Magnus Ver Magnússon.  StrongFit takes fundamental movements of strength training and couples them with components of athletic explosiveness and muscle endurance. It is designed to build a foundation of full body strength,  skeletal support, while generating explosiveness and agility. Strongfit is a disciplined approach to athletic training, and mental and physical awareness. It is designed to provide a perfect training foundation for all levels of fitness including sports, athletic training and healthy lifestyle.


Our top to bottom business solution approach is built to help you succeed as an athlete, trainer, affiliate gym owner or StrongFit gym owner.  We know that you may not be a business person first and that is ok.  We are here to help right from the start, from setting up your business to daily operation, marketing, POS systems, equipment selection and anything else you may need help with, we are here.  With our guidance and proven systems you’ll be sure to succeed.  


Other brands cost more money and provide you with much less.  With StrongFit we are here to be a part of your journey and will be there with you every step of the way.