Frequently Asked Questions

StrongFit has become a successful gym brand that operates the StrongFit systems and training techniques within a StrongFit Facility or StrongFit Affiliate gym for all members to enjoy. Below are some FAQ's to help answer any questions you may have.   If you do not see you answer below please Contact Us.

What is StrongFit?​

StrongFit is a training system founded upon strong effective fundamental movements using safe techniques. The system works for everyone from those just starting their fitness journey to athletes with years of training experience. The StrongFit training system was developed 4x Worlds Strongest Man Magnús Ver Magnússon from Iceland.

Why a StrongFit Gym or System?​

Our top to bottom business solution approach is built to help you succeed as an athlete, trainer, affiliate gym owner or StrongFit gym owner.  We know that you may not be a business person first and that is ok.  We are here to help right from the start, from setting up your business to daily operation, marketing, POS systems, equipment selection and anything else you may need help with, we are here.  With our guidance and proven systems you’ll be sure to succeed.

Do I have to run a StrongFit Gym to teach StrongFit?​

No.  If you already own a successful gym and want to teach StrongFit Systems our Affiliate Program is another option available.  Our affiliate program is an excellent low cost way to increase your gyms revenue and build on what you have already started.  Our programs have proven to increase a club's profits in as little as 3 months.  Why wouldn’t you??  Questions Please Contact Us to find out more!

What are the StrongFit Trials?​

The StrongFit Trials are a test of both strength and Fitness! The Trials are meant for athletes who both want to test themselves and have a chance to compete! Amateur StrongFit Trials will be held all over the world for StrongFit athletes to compete and have fun in the community.